[Hot Content] Tổng hợp các bài dự thi BFF của TVXQ! FC VN

TVXQFCVietNam – Dance Cover “Balloons” :

Link vote : http://my.soha.vn/kenyunjae/profile.html#baithivideo

[TVXQ! FC HN] Love bye love + She —– Organ cover by Nhím :

Link vote : http://my.soha.vn/b0nnie0204/musik.html#baithivideo

[ TVXQ’s FC in TN ] fanboy cover – Begin :

Link vote : http://my.soha.vn/hoangchew/profile.html#baithivideo

I Believe – TVXQ! – cover by Nguyen Trang Violine :

Link vote : http://my.soha.vn/kawachan/profile.html#baithivideo

[TVXQ! FC HN] Dance cover :

Link vote : http://my.soha.vn/Homap/profile.html#baithivideo

[TVXQ! FC HN] Asu wa kuru kara – Cover :

Link vote : http://my.soha.vn/pio132/profile.html#baithivideo

[TVXQ! FC HN]Cover dance Purple line

Link vote : http://my.soha.vn/JaeJoong/profile.html#baithivideo

cả nhà vote nhiệt tình đi nha ^^

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